A snapshot in time of your current dental business practices. Which can uncover opportunities for growth

Every business is diverse in that they have their own unique set of challenges, distinct culture and leadership structure. None is right or wrong, but they most definitely can be improved upon.  Our dental specific In-Office PRACTICE ASSESSMENT gives dental practices a snapshot in time of current business practices and can uncover opportunities for growth that perhaps have been overlooked in the past. Start by completing the PRACTICE ASSESSMENT FORM.

Information obtained from your In-Office Practice Assessment is invaluable to determine priority for In-Office training. Priority may also be based on immediate financial goals or other considerations.

Please, complete a few basic questions in the PRACTICE ASSESSMENT FORM below. Add any information you feel will be reliant and helpful for us to get to know you.

We will contact you to schedule a conference call to discuss your needs, those needs of the Practice and answer any questions regarding the In-Office Assessment and our services.

Our Complimentary In-Office Practice Assessment takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to compile enough information for an adequate assessment.  Time varies based on practice size, number of providers and staff.


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