What Personality Type are You?

Today I spent some time listening and reviewing on how to better my communication with connecting with others. I have always been able to identify different personalities by introverts and extroverts. But to break down to this level of understanding was remarkable to learn.

What personality type are you?

My personality style Is a D. This makes sense why I behave the way I do. I now understand what I need to do to connect with others who may be opposite of me.

What Type of Leader are You?

I love this quote…..leadership has different levels. What type of leader are you?
▪️ level 1 – Positional
▪️ level 2 – Permission
▪️ level 3 – Production
▪️ level 4 – People development
▪️level 5 – Pinnacle

I find most people are positional because they don’t understand the levels of leadership. Do you want people to follow you because of your title? Or because they respect you and feel valued by you?

I don’t want followers I want leaders on my team.

John Maxwell asks; How can you add value to others each day?

Let me help you Lead!
Tammy Duncan